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The Unicist Evolutionary Approach to the 4IR

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach to the 4IR

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach to the 4IR

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
Unicist Innovation Center
Unicist Evolutionary Approach

Solutions for Sustainable Business Growth

Fostering Growth and Profitability
using the Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The Unicist Corporate University is a business solution factory that develops strategic solutions and transfers technologies to the participants.

The unicist educational programs enhance the strategic approach of the participants through the use of the unicist evolutionary approach for the solution of adaptive business problems. The UCU establishes the framework for collaborative R&D Projects with companies.

The educational approach of the Unicist Corporate University is based on the use of unicist reflection driven education.

Unicist Solution Building Factory
The Unicist Corporate University provides a new generation of solutions that manage the triadic structure of business processes, which were developed at The Unicist Research Institute. Learn more

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach is based on the integration of:

  1. Maximal and minimum strategies to grow and ensure results.
  2. The use of catalysts to accelerate processes.
  3. The management of the unified field of business processes.
  4. Ensuring the synchronicity of business processes.
  5. The use of business objects to ensure the quality of processes.
  6. The use of conceptual design to define the functionality of processes.
  7. A pilot testing process to ensure the achievement of results.

This approach increases business adaptability and the speed of growth and improves the profitability in an environment of customer orientation and sustainability. Learn more

Clinics on The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The In-House Clinics on the unicist evolutionary approach give access to the approach that allows taking advantage of the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This approach is an evolutionary framework that ensures business growth, profitability and sustainability.

They are a collaborative space where a real case is analyzed to make the new stage reasonable, understandable and predictable. Access

Unicist Strategy Residency Program

The Unicist Corporate University works as a Teaching Hospital in Business. This implies that real solutions are developed with each participant. There is a team of counselors to sustain the development of the solutions in the different fields.

This residency provides an access to Unicist Strategy building technologies to diagnose, build strategies and design business architectures based on the unified field of the business functions and its context. Access

Unicist In-House Corporate Universities

This In-House University uses Unicist Strategy and the Unicist Conceptual Management approach that includes the finding of the root causes of the problems, defining the necessary strategies for the structural solutions, making the conceptual design of the solutions.

The activities of these Universities might include the development of solutions for the organizing companies, their clients, providers, distributors or associates. Access

Unicist Research Residency Program

The Unicist Research Residencies are applied research programs to learn to find and solve the root causes of problems in complex adaptive environments. They deal with the nature of complex systems.

This program is for academics and professionals who are interested in managing the research and development of solutions for complex adaptive environments in the social, economic, institutional and business fields. Access

In-House Clinic: Unicist Business Strategy

The Unicist Strategy Clinics are a collaborative space where real strategies are built with the participation of the client. The preparation of the clinic implies gathering the information that will be used as input to develop the strategy building process.

This Clinic gives access to the Unicist Strategy Technology through the development of real maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results. Access

The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution. TURI has a business arm, an academic arm and a social arm.